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                  Meditation and Mindfulness

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Mindful Life Program

Jessica has learned in her years as a healer that the power of the mind in healing is unparalleled.  Her passion has always been to help empower her patients in their own healing journey.  Both she and her husband Dusty have become certified Mindful Life Program teachers and are now offering 8 week courses as well as weekend intensives on mindfulness and meditation.  These courses are made to be universal, practical, and accessible to anyone from any background.  To see their current course offerings visit


Other current offerings:  Dusty is hosting Mindful Mondays in the Mountaineer Field House at Western Colorado University (Mondays at 4:00pm - free to Field House members or $5 to general public).  To learn more call Dusty at (970) 641-3898.  We are also hosting a free monthly meetup for alumni of our 8 week Mindfulness Foundations courses to provide ongoing support and practice.  These will be held at the Here and Now Center on the third Sunday of each month at 5:00 pm for one hour.  


Mindfulness as taught through the Mindful Life Program includes learning the skills of meditation and building attention as well as the skills and practices of understanding our values, wisdom with ourselves and the world, and work with relationships.  To learn more visit







Way of Compassion Dharma Center

The Way of Compassion Dharma Center is located in Carbondale, Colorado. The sister Dharma center is the Here and Now Center in Gunnison, CO. We also serve a virtual sangha of distributed practitioners across the nation. We are a Rime (non-sectarian) Buddhist center dedicated to the cultivation of wisdom and compassion through the study of Buddhist Dharma. Every Wednesday (except Holiday weeks - please call to check) from 6:00- 7:30 pm join us and our spiritual director John Bruna for a guided meditation and talk with time for questions. This is a live Zoom broadcast that we watch on a projector as a group from Gunnison. Chairs, meditation cushions, and bathroom provided. Please bring water if needed. for more information.

The live broadcast is held at The Here and Now Center (115 S. Colorado Street, Gunnison -  right South of the Sherpa Cafe).  This teaching broadcast is offered free of charge.  We always have a donation jar out for the non-profit organization Way of Compassion Foundation.  To learn more about what they do in Colorado and around the world visit (

On holiday weeks the Zoom broadcast will still be available for you to watch from home.  If you are sick or have had an exposure to Covid-19, please stay home and join us via Zoom from this link:

You do not have to be Buddhist to enjoy and benefit from these teachings.  People from all walks of life and spiritual paths join us to meditate and think about teachings together. Dusty and Jessica provide the space for this event in their home/office space. To check if the teaching is held on a holiday week please call Jessica (970) 641-6095 or come to one and get on our email list!


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