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Are you:

Suffering from allergy symptoms, no matter what you do?
Frustrated with conventional treatments?
Tired of side effects from medications?

Looking for a natural, non-invasive approach to allergy treatment?
Want a better treatment for your kids?

AAT can help with both allergies and food sensitivities

Advanced Allergy Therapeutics Treatments

Jessica is now trained to offer Advanced Allergy Therapeutics treatments and will be doing them from the office at Alpine Acupuncture on Thursdays.  To schedule with Jessica for these treatments please call Alpine Acupuncture at (970) 641-1200.  AAT is needle-free and gentle and easy for children, elderly, and everyone in between.  It is performed using a magnetic acupressure tool while using a computer signal of the offending allergen.  This exposure to the allergen signal along with the calming effect of acupressure for the specific organ involved in the allergic reaction, has the effect of calming the reaction to specific allergens, foods, chemicals, etc.  It is even suitable to treat babies.  To learn more visit

To Schedule AAT call

(970) 641-1200

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