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There are so many ailments that find improvement, relief, and even cure or remission with the help of acupuncture and other Chinese Medicine modalities applied by a skilled practitioner.  Here are a few of Jessica's and her patients' success stories.

I've gone to Jessica on and off for years.  Allow me to share my most recent success story.  I've had Plantar fasciitis for over 20 years.  I was able to mask the issue with cortisone shots from my podiatrist.  However, due to those shots, it weakened the plantar, and I ended up with a tear in the tissue which made walking very uncomfortable.  I thought, "Why not get another shot?"  I even had an appointment booked for another cortisone shot.  Through online research I found out that more shots would only make things worse, and I was determined through a program of stretching, massage, and acupuncture I could fix this.  With Jessica's help using acupuncture, massage, and scraping, I am now pain free.  I know I need to keep stretching and I will plan on tune-ups with Jessica.  She is a great listener and will hone in on what you need to heal.

Tom Murphy, Gunnison CO

Jessica is a fantastic practitioner and has helped my life immensely! I have dealt with musculoskeletal issues, particularly in my low back, for over 25 years. Jessica’s acupuncture, herbs, and advice have improved my flexibility, increased my core strength, and nearly eliminated the pain I used to regularly feel – all while reducing my use of pain medication and muscle relaxers. I highly recommend her practice!


Bryan S., Gunnison CO

Over the years I have been treating my chronic, life threatening illness (cystic fibrosis) with western medicine, being raised to know only that and never given the opportunity to seek a different form of medicine.  When I moved to Gunnison, my thinking went outside the  box, and in the door to Jessica's office.  She treated my digestive issues with amazing knowledge, curiosity and excitement.  I was so grateful to have met someone who wanted to learn about my disease and take a new approach to helping me feel better, and not just treating the reaction to an infection or side effect of western protocol.  Over the years I have reached out to her, from a distance, as I am no longer in Gunnison, and sought her advice and knowledge about a variety of issues, and she has full heartedly given my case the time and dedication to help me.  She is truly committed to her practice, and goes above and beyond to help her clients.  

J. Welsh, Steamboat Springs CO

I'm a seasonal resident of the Gunnison area.  In July 2016 I suffered a tear to one of the muscles in my shoulder rotator cuff.  After visiting with some of the area's orthopedic surgeons I was left with their opinions that surgery was my only option.  I had had great success with acupuncture several years back on an elbow injury in Florida.  So, I started doing some research and was fortunate enough to find Jessica.  She spent a great deal of time explaining what my problem was and treating the problem.  During the rest of the summer Jessica treated me weekly and I'm pleased to report my shoulder is now back to normal and I can sleep through an entire night without waking up several times in pain.  I wholeheartedly recommend Jessica to anyone experiencing any type of muscle discomfort or pain.  She is the best!

Dallas C., Gunnison CO/Florida

Nine years ago I was told by a spine specialist that the issues in my lower back qualified for surgery. Over the years more issues developed all the way up my back and including my neck. This included bulging disks, narrowing in the neck, curvature in the lower part of my spine, and bone spurs. I was told the surgery would render me unable to ski the way I wanted to do. I looked for an alternative and found acupuncture with Jessica. Jessica has successfully treated all my back pain issues with her techniques including acupuncture, massage, and cupping.

Later, I went to the Anschutz Spine Center due to a concerning “electric shock” feeling from my chin down my left arm. Luckily nothing serious was going on and with physical therapy to relax muscles in my chest, this sensation was relieved. The Anschutz doctor commented that the tissue in my neck was actually very healthy. I attribute this to the improved blood flow that happens with acupuncture.


Most recently I have asked Jessica to work on lines in my face. After 2 months, I am seeing the benefit of this as well. Cupping on my thighs has improved the coloring in my legs and reduced some of the little broken blood vessels in the outer dermatological area. I will be forever grateful for the passionate care I have received from Jessica.

D. Dykes Ohio City, CO

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