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Prenatal Yoga in the Kundalini Tradition

Jessica Sylvanson also offers Prenatal Yoga in the Khalsa way (from the Kundalini yoga tradition).  This is a gentle and spiritually uplifting class for women who are pregnant and women trying to get pregnant.  It is also welcome to women just interested in learning about pregnancy from a yogic perspective.  We focus on strengthening and stretching the body in preparation for labor and beyond.  It includes meditations for calming and focusing the mind.  Bringing consciousness and positive energy to pregnancy is our goal.  Everything we do is safe for all stages of pregnancy.  Please bring a mat if you have one.  Blankets and snacks are provided.  Currently Jessica gets a six week class going when three or more women are interested and we can come up with a time that works.  Please call Jessica if interested in committing to a six week class.

Currently due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, I will not teach in-person classes to pregnant women.  However, if three or more ladies would like to commit to a six or eight week Zoom class, this can be provided.  Please contact me at (970)641-6095

What is Kundalini Yoga?

Kundalini yoga is sometimes referred to as the “Mother Yoga” from which different parts were isolated and made into separate schools.  It was designed for the householder, those with families and commitments in the world.  It can be practiced by anyone, from any class or background.  However, it should be practiced as the teachings were laid out by the Masters. After many years of teaching this ancient yoga form in the U.S., Yogi Bhajan put it to some of his long-time female students (Led by Gurmuhk Kaur Khalsa) to use their expertise and intuition and develop the Khalsa Way for teaching pregnancy yoga.  Gurmuhk has been teaching for more than twenty-five years and has studios in L.A., New York, and India.  This pregnancy yoga was created by women for women.  All classes include poses to challenge balance, strength and flexability, singing or chanting to our babies, meditations and breathing exercises to calm the mind, and a relaxation period.  Classes are one hour long.


Online Resources for Kundalini Yoga – Khalsa Way Yoga:  Gurmuhk Kaur Khalsa  – The Healthy, Happy, Holy Foundation!  A wealth of free information including talks from Yogi Bhajan. – A great resource for music, clothing, and all things related to kundalini yoga.  Also has a “mantra-pedia” where you can look up the meaning of any mantra we use.  40 day meditation videos that are being practiced by many thousands of people around the world are always available here as well. 



















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