Jessica Sylvanson, L.Ac., M.Ac.O.M.

Jessica Sylvanson has owned and operated her own clinic of acupuncture and Asian medicine modalities for over twelve years in the Gunnison valley.  She has enjoyed living here in her home town where she can have a lifestyle that supports vibrant health skiing, biking, hiking, and speed skating in the fresh air of the rural mountains.  She also appreciates Gunnison for its diversity of ranching families and stewards of the land and water along with students and teachers that keep us vibrant and fresh with new ideas at Western State Colorado University.  She is glad to serve the residents of Gunnison with the medical knowledge and expertise she has gained in acupuncture, herbal medicine, and related treatment modalities.  Please explore the site and call with any questions.  (970) 641-6095

Please note:  Jessica has temporarily suspended in-person appointments due to the state of emergency caused by Coronavirus.  Jessica does have virtual appointments available online.  She can help in this way by giving an herbal medicine consult, teaching you home remedies and dietary therapies, showing you breathing and meditation techniques as well as cupping, scraping, acupressure and self-massage techniques.  Herbal medicine has been proving a helpful adjunct treatment in hospitals in China and has shown to reduce severity and length of the illness.  Please note that Jessica is not a primary care provider and you should always be in contact with your PCP throughout an illness at this time.  To schedule an online appointment click the button below.  Thank you.

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Tel:  (970) 641-6095

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