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Supporting Our Bodies Through the Viral Pandemic

Covid-19 seems to have taken over our lives, but we only fear what we don't understand. There are many ways we can support ourselves and each other through this evolutionary cycle in our world. This virus is sweeping the world and showing us the weaknesses in our physical, socio-economic, political, and cultural systems. It's a chance for us to change and evolve, and evolution has never come without a price. I'm sorry for all the losses we are experiencing as a human family. We are in a plague time and it will bring collective grief. What I look forward to, if I make it out of this, is the "renaissance" that comes after the plague times in history. We have a chance to come together and create new systems that can support life on this planet in better ways. Our current systems have grown past their prime and have become deadly to ourselves and all life on earth.

Luckily for us, many cultures have preserved wisdom gained from thousands of years of interactions and observations on this planet and now we have a chance to use that knowledge and leverage it forward into a new marriage of science and technology with wisdom and compassion. This pandemic is offering us a chance to get past the petty differences and realize we are all in this together - survival and collective evolution are more important. It is also showing without at doubt that we are all interdependent. This includes all life on earth and not just our human family. We have to start thinking of our collective health and how to live more compassionately in order to survive.

This virus started in China, and whatever prejudice or judgement we may have of Chinese culture or government, they seem to have dealt with it pretty well overall. Now that it is spreading we can see that other countries may have a much more difficult time with it. There is a lot of analysis to be done as to why this is and a lot still to shake out with the future spread. However, China may tend to be oppressive and authoritarian in government (and in this case this could have really helped slow the spread) but it is also proud of it's beautiful and long cultural history and has preserved a large part of it's traditional medicine systems. Herbal medicine and meditation/qi-gong techniques were widely used in hospitals across China during this pandemic. Sometimes they were over-simplified (like giving every patient the same herbal formula instead of doing a personalized consult for each which is the traditional method), but even in these situations the support could have been better than nothing.

I won't re-invent the wheel too much as there are many experts weighing in at this point. If you'd like to read more about the herbal approach to Covid-19 infections, I recommend Stephen Harrod Buhner's article here. Also this article in Pharmacological Research Volume 155, May 2020, 104743 here.

Jessica is happy to provide online herbal medicine consults during this crisis and beyond. It is the safest thing for us all to avoid person to person contact as much as possible through this time as sad as that can be. I look forward to doing hands on healing again when it is safe for us all. Remember, there is no cure for Covid-19 infections, but we can support our respiratory function, immune system function, kidney and RAS function, and circulatory systems through herbal treatments, dietary choices, and home remedies and cupping/beating/scraping/ and massage techniques. Please see my services page or home page to schedule.

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